Components of Able Human Services

The Ezra Conference Center
Ezra Conference Center is a division of the Cornerstone Project.  It serves as a meeting place for the community as well as housing the administration of several programs under the community empowerment component. The Ezra Center serves as an emergency shelter housing persons due to catastrophic weather conditions.

Joseph Outreach Food & Clothing Distribution
It is the mission of Joseph Outreach to improve the quality of life for families in the Wake County Area of Raleigh, N.C. We do this by assisting families with food, clothing, personal care, household items and more.
Joseph Outreach receives the funding necessary to carry out this mission from individuals, civic groups, businesses, and partners.
Every week hundreds of people from different lifestyles enter our facility. They all have one thing in common; they need some type of help. We work hard to make sure that help is available. Here they can find food, clothing and household items for their families. They can find a place of worship and about other resources available in the area.

Community Educational Program
The mission is to build neighborhood capacity to enhance quality of life in Wake County as well as to address critical issues threatening the welfare of Wake County’s residents. Able Human Services seeks to build neighborhood capacity by supporting and/or bringing resources alongside resident/citizen lead neighborhood efforts and by promoting/facilitating alliance building and collaboration among programs, organizations, churches, businesses, etc that service North Carolina residents.